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The Credit Crunch of 2008/09 saw the emergence of many alternative lenders and the mainstream Banks retreated further from full customer service.

With the Pandemic of 2020/21 many viable companies had difficulty accessing funding that was available. Running a business is difficult enough, having to hunt for suitable funding is a headache most Directors can do without.


Benjamin Franklin ( 1705 – 1790)


Theophrastus (c. 371– c. 287 BC )

Are you Under Pressure?

The one thing that never changes is the passage of time, there is never enough time and you rarely get as much done as you hoped.

Release the pressure!

We can help you!  There are solutions to these issue and with over 35 years of trading experience, Corporate Finance can find the right solutions for your business. You can concentrate on those tasks that require your own industry skills by using our specialist services. We work for you to arrange the most appropriate funding, on the best terms, and at the most competitive rates to meet your requirements.

The right facility

If your need is simple, great! It may simply be a case of finding a willing lender on the right terms. However, if your requirement is more complex, then unlike many of the managers in banks and finance companies, we have both the time and expertise to discuss and examine the more complex financing requirements.

The right lenders

Although determining which is the best method of finance can be time consuming, it is still only half the equation. The other half is choosing the right lender or lenders, something which is frequently not as obvious as it might first seem. Different banks and lenders have different attitudes to market sectors and to risk. By using our experience and knowledge, you can save your time and reduce your costs by letting us propose and arrange the most appropriate facility to suit your needs.

All credit facilities are subject to your status

Fixed Asset Finance

How many methods are there to fund your assets? Hire Purchase, Loan, Finance Lease Operating Lease. Which one is right for your circumstances?

Working Capital Finance

Overdrafts, Loans, Invoice Discounting, Factoring Each has its merits with options on currencies, interest rates, repayment terms, flexibility. Let us do the research and proposals and help you make the right choice

Business Development & Acquisition Finance

Expansion and Acquisition – Growing organically, growth by acquisition, or both? All require additional resources and funding. We can help determine the right funding strategy, investigate funding options and help you to make the right choice

Commercial Property Finance

The Pandemic of 2020/21 has changed the commercial property market, but the opportunities to own and develop property are still plentiful. Making sure your funding fits your strategy is key

Facilities Arranged

Hire Purchase; Leasing; Loans; Overdrafts; Invoice Discounting; Factoring; Trade Finance; Mortgages, Development Finance